If you flip through the pages of Washington Square News, New York University’s student-run newspaper, you’ll find the Arts section. The Arts section publishes content from its four deputy desks – film, music, entertainment, and theater & books. Each week, the desks publish one piece in print each. However, the writers for the Arts desk produce far more content than that, so it falls upon the Highlighter to give those writers a chance to publish their work and showcase the artists they cover.

In the fall of 2011, Entertainment editor Jonathon Dornbush, in conjunction with Arts editor Charles Mahoney, sought to solve this problem. They founded the Highlighter, a blog dedicated entirely to the Arts desk. They aimed to use this platform as a way to bring daily content about the arts and entertainment to NYU’s students.

Today, the Highlighter has grown from a blog designed to hold excess content from the Arts desk to its own unique space on the Internet. Weekly columnists publish content on a myriad of topics throughout the spectrum of the arts, with each column being designed and run by its writer.

From concert reviews to television recaps to podcasts starring our very own editors, we’re sure you’ll find something on the Highlighter to enjoy. If not, check back tomorrow – there’s something new every day.

As of the spring 2017 semester, Jordan Reynolds holds the position of Highlighter Editor. Email her at jreynolds@nyunews.com

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